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Take with Care

For Media

Launched in Summer 2013, is a project of the National Consumers League ( ) with support from McNeil Consumer Healthcare.

This Web site was created by the NCL, the nation's oldest nonprofit consumer organization, as a central source of information and advice for teens about OTC pain medicines. To support NCL’s work to educate consumers, donate via our secure online complaint form.

For Educators

The National Consumers League’s LifeSmarts program focuses on health and safety topics and offers resources to help educators and coaches provide students with the opportunity to explore issues focused on safe self-medication and analyzing the risk and benefits of over-the-counter medications. Activities meet national health, FACS, business, and 21st Century standards.

To access materials, visit LifeSmarts and look for “LifeSmarts U downloads” under the health and safety area, or go to LifeSmarts U and register to gain access to all materials.

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